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Zomba Monuments Marked for Destruction!

First post: April 4, 2014; Last update April 5, 2014


Road improvements are welcome developments, however the new 4-lane highway which is to run through Zomba is causing the destruction of its century old signature mahogany trees and several iconic historical monuments. The old police headquarters, the District Assembly and the Chipiku building are to make way for the extra lanes. This is completely unnecessary as other options are available.


Thirteen trees have already been cut down, despite an environmental and social impact assessment report highlighting the need for the preservation of both the trees and the historical architecture. A coalition of concerned organizations and individuals have raised this issue with the Zomba City Council. LEAD is filing for an injunction to prevent further damage.


A peaceful march was planned for Sunday April 6th, but as no permissions have been granted so far, it is postponed till further notice.


On Monday a further stakeholder meeting with Zomba City will go ahead as scheduled.


In the meantime we ask people to raise their concerns with the Chief Executive of the National Roads Authority and Zomba officials by phoning, texting and emailing.

Chief Executive, Roads Authority ra@ra.org.mw, +265 1 753 699, +265 999971 637

Zomba Officials: 
ZCC CEO ali.phiri@yahoo.com
ZCC Dept Social Services: gngomenyasulu@gmail.com,
ZCC DPD fnankuyu@yahoo.com 
Commissioner for Physical Planning Jailos Lungu jailungu@yahoo.com
01525039/937, 0998473780, 0999862757, 0888309365, 0888114214, 0884289755, 0997028505


Zomba Regional Police Headquarters marked for destruction





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