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Mlambe Foundation
Diependaalsedrift 32
NL-1213 CR, Hilversum

Tel. +31-35-7721758 



P.O. Box 622



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ABN AMRO, Hilversum 
CoC no. 32110120

In the past years Mlambe has been focusing its time and resources on Tisunge! Lower Shire Heritage Centre and the Study and Education Fund both of which continue to be our priority. Still some other projects have been achieved.


  • The publication of Prof. Dr. Schoffeleers D.Phil. dissertation at the occasion of his 80th birthday and its 40th anniversary. It was given the title Mang’anja Traditional Religion. Spirit beliefs and practices in Malawi's Lower Shire Valley. It continues to be an ethnographic treasure on religion in the Lower Shire Valley.
  • It supported Chichiri Museum in the production of Culture Connection Magazine on culture and development in Malawi. A survey on the topic was conducted among school children, the resutls were published here. It further contains a wide variety of articles on Malawi music, sculpture, Tisunge! Lower Shire Heritage Centre and permaculture.
Culture Connection Magazine Cover
  • Mlambe Foundation has since its inception assisted the Catholic University of Malawi in general and its departement of Antrhopology and Archaeology in particular in numerous ways including donations of the following:
  • Some 100 computers, printers and other IT equipment;
  • Equipment for special needs education and physiotherapie;
  • Books from the collections of Leiden University, Africa Study Centre, University of Amsterdam, Prof. G.T. Nurse, Prof. Schoffeleers, Prof. Trouwborst and many others;
  • many boxes of paper, envelops, folders and other stationery.
  • Mlambe Foundation started developing a restoration plan for the Nguludi Fathers House, a former mission of the Dutch Montfort Fathers. It is one of the oldest standing structures in Malawi and an icon in Catholic Church history. If sufficient funds can be procured it could house a small museum for (local) church history, and the 1915 Chilembwe Rising during which the mission was attacked. The Diocese has put the Catholic University in charge of the building.
  • With assistance from students of the HAN the photo archive of Prof. Schoffeleers has been digitized and will in the future be put online.
  • Mlambe Foundation provided Chiefs Kanyenda and Chulu with boxes for the safekeeping of their royal stools
  Boxes for Royal Stools   Kanyenda stool  


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